March 25, 2013

Easter Toppers

 Pastel cotton tail bunnies

I didn't put these in the shop in time to allow for adequate shipping time :( my own fault.
I'm still learning time management and realizing that when a Holiday is coming up, you literally have to make toppers for them months in advance. That way you have time to let them dry, photograph them, and list them in the shop so people can order them (and receive them) in time for the actual Holiday.  I am learning people... I will get there someday :)

I still wanted to show them though. AND...... if you are in the Phoenix area and don't need them shipped, then you can still order some to adorn your cupcakes or cake for Easter Sunday!

The deadline is no later then Thursday the 28th and we can arrange pick up times for Saturday the 30th.

If you are interested please email me at and we will get started!

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