April 3, 2013

Happy April + Custom Smash Cake Candles

Am I the only one who's having a hard time believing that it's already April? April!
Good grief this year is flying by.

I do love this time of year. Being from AZ, it's the time where we  try to go outside as much as possible, bask in the sweet breeze, and pray that this weather will last just a bit longer :)

How was everyone's Easter weekend? Ours was filled with church, good food, family, and our friends who were visiting from Switzerland. Having them stay with us was pure joy..they were the best house guests! But more on them later :)

Let me show you what I have been working on...

Custom smash cake candles!

This idea had been floating around my brain for about a year before I actually did it. I don't know why it took me so long to bring it to life.

I got the idea after I made a smash cake for my friends sweet little boy. I put a number '1' on top that matched the cake perfectly, but it wasn't a candle... so a number '1' candle was placed on top so that her son could blow it out. With two numbers on top, it almost look as if it were an eleven! Now it was obvious that her son was not indeed eleven, but it still got the rusty wheels in my brain turning.

You can buy number candles at the store, but you can't always get them in the color that you desire. Plus what if you were having a themed party and wanting everything to match!

So this is how the idea was born.

With themed parties and smash cakes being all the rage, I thought having a custom candle would be perfect. The possibilities are endless really. And now they are available for purchase in the shop.

So excited to offer these now!

Wishing you all a happy and wonderful April



  1. I LOVE your blog!
    Thank you so much for sponsoring me!

    1. Yay! You are so welcome! I am a big fan of your blog so it was an easy choice for me :)