August 19, 2012

Ninjago VS Ninjas

In the spirit of MTV Celebrity Death Match ........ Let's get it on!
(does anyone  remember that show or did I just date myself??)

So on the home page of every Etsy shop it will tell you when that owner "opened up shop". I like to think that my little Etsy shop has two birthdays. The one on my homepage says I have been open since October 27, 2011 because that is the day that I sat down and filled out all the info needed to become a seller. However I did not actually list any of my toppers to be sold until the first week of February 2012. Yep four months later..... sometimes I can be a bit of a procrastinator. Therefore, when the time comes I will be celebrating both those dates as the birth of my fun little shop. I never thought having an Etsy shop would be so fun, and I really am grateful at the chance it has given me to expand my business, even if just a little bit. 

I bring this up because out of the six short months that my shop has been opened, more then half of my sales have been for these little guys

 *photo via Annie Marie Photography*


I literally came up with this design as an afterthought.  I was looking around at all the toppers I was about to list, and noticed that they were all geared towards girls. Well that would just not do. Boys need cute toppers as well for their parties, so I thought fast... what do boys like?! Ninjas! And with that I went to work and these little guys were born and boy oh boy am I glad they were. I started to notice immediately all the sales I was making were for the ninjas, I had no idea they were so popular!

I love my little ninjas but always knew I wanted to either redo them or offer them in a different style. And then one glorious day I was introduced to Ninjago from the coolest kid I know, my nephew. Seriously, they're pretty sweet,  check them out!  

A little while after that I was asked to make Ninjago cupcakes for a friends son (who just happens to be the cutest friend to my nephew) and jumped on the opportunity. Then behold.... the Lego Ninjago cupcake toppers were born

 Just look at those two adorable cuties! The birthday boy on the left and my nephew on the right. Love them!

I was excited to add the Ninjagos to the shop and once I did, they started selling like crazy. YAY!! So now it's a head on battle.... Ninjago vs Ninjas ... either way, I think everyone's a winner in this situation

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

 Cheers :)


  1. They look great and I'm so happy that your shop is doing so well (not that I'm surprised ;). Way to go Julie!

    1. Thanks Annie! I still owe so much to you for taking the first and most amazing photos ever. I forgot to credit your photo earlier... I went back and fixed it :)

  2. Julie, I do remember Celebrity Death Match, but I don't think we were allowed to watch it! Do you have a shop? Where is it? Can I buy all the things?

  3. Ha! My dad didn't allow us to watch MTV as well.. but we were sneaky kids :)

    I do have an Etsy shop for day I will have my own real bakery and it shall be grand.

    I will be adding Halloween decorations soon!

  4. Wow! You are so creative, and I've loved looking at everything you've baked! If you make anything festive for Halloween, put it up here. I would love to see it ;)

  5. OMG I love all the sweetness in this blog!!!! Glad I found you on Meet and Mingle Blog Hop. Especially love all the boy related cookies, cakes and cupcakes (as a mum of two boys). I'm now your newest follower.

    Kylie from Random Drawers