June 10, 2012

{New To The Shop: Father's Day Toppers}

 I'm so excited to share these toppers with you, newly added to the shop and just in time for Father's Day, I love these cute bow ties! You can keep them a solid color or dress them up with polka dots or stripes either way, they're so stylish. Also, these little guys can be used for other themed parties, like a baby shower for a little boy. Now that would be adorable!

The next toppers I'm about to show you are my new favorite

I hope you're ready for this ;)

YAY for Top Gear!! The Mister and I are pretty big fans to say the least, so I knew I wanted to surprise him with some manly Top Gear cupcake toppers. Then once I made them it was hard to keep a secret, I just wanted to share them with everyone! I've noticed not a lot of cupcake toppers out there are geared toward men or guy themes, so hopefully I can change that. And of course don't get me wrong.....Top Gear is not meant just for men :) These toppers can be perfect for any Top Gear Lover in your life!
Also, they can be customized ! 


  1. Those bow tie toppers are too cute! And I never thought I'd see manly cupcakes my whole life.