March 4, 2012

The Skinny..

Hey, remember when I used to blog more then once a month and would keep an accurate account of all the fun happenings of cake?!...... Yeah, I don't really remember's been that long!

I think I lost my desire to blog  after I pulled a "Julie" and accidentally erased all my photos on both blogs. Then life got busy and the Mr. and I have been working crazy long hours. 2012 has definitely treated Whipple Scrumptious very well and I am excited for all that is still yet to come, but now it is time for me to take a small break, and it couldn't come at a better time! My kitchen is all packed up in boxes which makes it hard to fulfill orders, plus..March is a special month in my household, a month in which I plan on baking for only one person, the Mr.
because lets face it, I hardly ever bake for him.  And as strange as it seems, I hardly cook for him either, nope, pretty much never. I'm spoiled in that area I suppose... but that is another story ..

Where was I? Ah yes, going on a small hiatus, it shall be grand indeed! But before I leave I will share with you many overdue photos of somewhat recent things :)

I made these bad boys special for ABC15 and they were featured on Senora Living, the clip was short but still filled my heart with delight, take a look!

                        And.... I have been busy working on cupcake toppers for my Etsy shop

                                    These silhouettes were recently featured on You Blissful Day 
So there you have it for now. I plan on getting some r&r and quality time with the Mr. and then I shall return.
Until then, I bid you adieu. 


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