July 15, 2015

My Best Work

Guys I'm ready to show off my piece de resistance if you will. Definitely my best work to date :)

I mean, just look at her! This perfect little human being is also the reason my blog is dwindling by the wayside. I'm not complaining at all, she is a long awaited blessing and my husband and I just can't seem to get enough of her. She's the best! So now you have a face to go with the culprit. But since this is a food blog (at least a wanna be food blog) I will spare you from baby posts, save this one of course!

This pretty little lady just had a birthday last month, so I made her a sweet smash cake. Let me just say, I've dreamed for so long of all the fun cakes I would make for my children! It's just one of those silly things I have always looked forward to. Can't wait to document them all! Here's a look at the first installment, my daughters first birthday cake!

Yep that's my daughter, holding on to that cake for dear life. Like I said, she's the best :)

And stay tuned because I actually have some recipes that I will be sharing this week...promise!

1 comment:

  1. That's great, congratulations -- she is beautiful! And that is one beautiful cake, I especially love the stripes in the frosting.