April 30, 2013

This could be the start of someting beautiful : Button Swap

 Now that I am a stay at home Pastry Chef (I just love the sound of that :) the thought often crosses my mind as to how I can grow by business. I love LOVE that blogs exist and so many people are able to market themselves so freely now.

While I am still in the early stages of growing my little business into the big business that I dream it can become, I thought it would be a great time to start sponsorships. But not the sponsorships you have to fork out big bucks for . I was thinking more along the lines of a button swap! So yep, that means free!

I thought if you have a blog you are trying to grow, or a business you would like to promote, then we should swap buttons. I put your button on my side bar and you put my button on your side bar. Can ya dig it?

If this sounds like something that you think you might be into lets chat. Email me at Whipplecakes@gmail.com.  I think this can turn into a great opportunity!    

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