October 13, 2012

Halloween cupcakes

Let me tell you a little story.

October is my favorite month. Besides the fact that I was born in this lovely month, there is just something magical about it. We get our first glimpse at cooler weather, an abundance of delicious Fall fruit just ripe for the picking, activities around every corner, and I swear I can hear the trees singing as the wind passes through them.

With that being said, I had such high hopes for the month of October as far as posts go. I wanted it to be filled with festivity and splendor, but then the month of September happened which was by far the busiest month of my life. I honestly don't know how I made it through, in fact I barely did. And that is why my October plans had been put on hold.  But all hope is not lost. I made Halloween toppers in August actually, and even if I did not get a chance to put them up in the Etsy shop I still wanted to share them with you all.

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